Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema

The “Jusuf Gervalla” Cinema (formerly Kino Radi) was built in 1955 with the money of the Workers’ Union in order to provide a cultural space in the city of Peja: a film screening enterprise under what was then called the Self-governing Community of Interest in Culture (SCIC). Whereas during the period 1955-1998 it served as a central point of joint cultural activities for the residents of the municipality and in 2000 – during the post-war period – the cinema was renovated and re-opened. In and since 2010. In 2016, Anibal – the association that run a film festival during 10 years – the cooperation with the local community and the Network of Cultural Organizations (ROC) launched a city-wide successful campaign to stop the privatisation of the building, that has become a a socio-cultural center with wide range of cultural and educational activities, music concerts, theatrical performances, recitals, children’s programs, panel discussions and events organized to mark important dates.

  • Promoted by: Anibar + A Cinema for the City + Reclaim the City!
  • Started in: 2016
  • Territory: Pejë
  • Source:
Centro Cívico