Srđ Hill development

Srđ is ours! is a civil initiative which fights against the planned construction of a golf park on Srđ, the mountain above Dubrovnik. The golf course is actually a cover for the construction of an apartment complex on the last possible location where Dubrovnik can expand. The initial space plan was intended for the construction of a sports and recreation centre for the inhabitants of Dubrovnik with a tourist zone. Later the recreation centre became an exclusive golf park and tourist-complex with hotels, villas and apartments. In 2003 the value of the project was evaluated at 90 million euro, two years later it had risen to 230 million euro. After the intervention of Ivo Sanader, who declared Srđ as a “project of national interest”, the budget exploded into a fantastic 900 million euro. The space plan documents in this period were illegally adjusted. Today, the project is estimated to cost 1.2 billion euro.