The City We Want

The City We Want is a non-partisan association that works based on a value base of sustainability and equality. Before the 2014 election, a citizens’ agenda was drawn up during Gothenburg’s Citizens’ Assembly and through a number of follow-up meetings . A response from the parties was received on the proposals at the top of the Citizens’ Agenda 2014. One of the proposals was HASSP – Holistic Association Social Science Park. A working group within the SVVH “HASSP group continues to work on the proposal with NPF-Ninjas as a pilot to create a network for sustainable community development.We delve into theme areas such as housing, health/care, school/education, traffic, culture and leisure, media and democracy, etc. The city we want can be seen as an umbrella organization for more or less self-governing working groups under the association, to discuss he current situation and visions and proposals for changes through workshops, seminars and activities and various methods of dialogue.