MOBA Housing SCE

MOBA is a network of pioneering housing cooperatives in Central and South-Eastern Europe. It gathers co-operative housing developments that are being explored by pioneering groups as a way to respond to the housing emergency – unaffordability, speculation, negligible amount of social housing, and taking the lead in reinventing affordability of housing from the bottom up. The name MOBA comes from a term used in South Slavic languages to refer to the widespread custom of mobilizing mutual help. MOBA members are mobilizing themselves to build an institutional framework rooted in cooperative principles, in order to jointly enable access to affordable housing and provide durable homes to communities region-wide, with members operating in Belgrade, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague and Zagreb.

  • Promoted by: Pametnija Zgrada / Ko gradi grad + Rákóczi Collective + Zadrugator + Sdílené domy / První Vlaštovka + Cooperative Open Architecture
  • Started in: 2017
  • Territory: Central and South-Eastern Europe
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