Recreational Zone Banja Luka – RZBL

Recreational Zone Banja Luka – RZBL is a green area of 500 hectares situated within the urban zone of Banja Luka. It is located in a hill with monument to fallen partisan soldiers in World War, a recreational space – Trešnjik, paved access roads, forest paths and the surrounding forest. The hill was known as “Šehitluci”, after Muslim warriors that died in the vicinity in the 19th century, and in 1992 was renamed as Banj Brdo (Banj Hill) by the authorities of the city, inhabited predominentally by ethnics Serbs. After the attempt to open an restaurant in the grounds, the “Citizens Initiative Recreational Zone Banja Luka -RZBL” chose a neutral name to defend the public use of the area. In 2013, the Initiative, helped by experts, created the “Independent Analysis For Recreational Bicycling Introduction on Banj Hill”, which proposed and developes different rules and instructions for using the recreational area and organized various maintenance activities to improve it.

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