The Rojc Community Center is located in the center of Pula, in a building named after the national hero from World War II – Karl Rojc. It is the largest building in the city with an area of 16,739 m2, with an inner courtyard, sports fields and green areas. It was built in the 1870s under the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it was a military school during the Monarchy, Italy and Yugoslavia until 1976, when it became a barracks. The Yugoslav army left Rojc in 1991. In the early 1990s, the building became a refuge for war refugees. The first squatters and civil society organizations enter after their departure, in the late nineties. The city of Pula decided to formalize the existing situation, and in 1999 the first contracts on the use of space were signed. Today, 106 associations have concluded agreements on the use of space without paying a fee. The only obligation of the association is the payment of electricity costs. With their own efforts and funds, the associations decorated their rooms and gave a completely new quality to the former barracks. Through their work and programs, they breathed new life into the building and the city and created the foundations for further development.

Centro Cívico
Servicio Público-Común